Lois Streid

Mom lived her 85 years (90 if you asked her) as a loving wife, mother, and grandma. She had a strong faith she passed onto her family, and a special love for the Virgin Mary, always saying that she was protected under her mantle of blue.

Mom was classy with a side of sassy and as her dementia progressed she was able to find the good in everyone. She had a sweet smile and a friendly hello for everyone she met and she never complained, even when she had reason to.

She loved dark chocolate, Bengal tigers, butterflies, and any rebel in the news. Her faith was rock solid and in her last years when she had lost many of her memories she never forgot how to pray the Rosary. She prayed several a day, covering all of us in prayer. We miss her but know she is in heaven with dad, happy and whole.

In her last year at Restmor, she ended every conversation with, “remember, I always love you”, so that’s how we will end –

"Mom, remember, we always love you!"
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